About The Project

A central ethos of the business is “Bringing jobs to the people not people to the jobs”.

Roche Manufacturing Ltd. was founded by Jimmy Roche in 1988. We are a Manufacturing Company focused on the design and manufacture of specialised equipment for the pre-cast concrete industry. We are in business for over thirty years. Although we are a small company we have exported our own branded, designed and manufactured products to over 21 countries in five continents. We enjoy what we do and have established a brand awareness within the industry that is held in high regard.

In 2008 we bought a three-acre site in Mountbellew, Co. Galway and built a 14,000 square foot factory. We are eleven years in production at this site and have settled into this rural town. We are the only manufacturing facility in the town. Initially it would have been quiet an unorthodox move to establish such a facility in a rural area but we have proven that global business can be done from a small rural town in the West of Ireland. Integral to our success in Mountbellew has been the development of modern facilities and the availability of high-speed broadband in the area.

The decentralisation of industry has proven successful in our case. A central ethos of our business is “bringing jobs to the people not people to the jobs”. Get in touch if you would like to rent office space.